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Growing Up Bush?

Since 1924, we have been helping country kids reach their full potential, so we know a little about what it’s like growing up in the bush. And now, we want to challenge you, Australia, how much do you really know about growing up in rural and remote areas?

Australia is a large and vast country, but 70% of us live in the few major cities. There is a large disconnect and a lack of understanding for those who live in the rural and more remote parts of the country. This is especially true for the many children growing up in the bush.

In Australia today, there are more than 180,000 children living in rural and remote areas who struggle with health and developmental needs which are not being met, simply because of where they live.


If you answer all our questions correctly, you’ll go in the running to win a $500 shopping voucher. What’re you waiting for? Take our quiz today to learn more about the challenges children growing up in rural Australia face on a daily basis.

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Every day, country kids in Australia go without access to the developmental care they need, simply because of where they live. Providing comprehensive, child-focused services for such complex issues is expensive. But, developmental healthcare is an investment – a necessary one for our country's kids; their health, education, livelihood, community, and most importantly, their future.

Your donation will help set them on a path to a bright, happy and healthy future.

will help deliver occupational therapy via videolink, helping country kids to develop life skills without travelling away from home to access healthcare services.
AUD $25
AUD $35
will mean more country kids will benefit from speech therapy and be able to start communicating with their families, friends and teachers.
will help provide struggling country families a place in our intensive Paediatric Developmental Program and give their child access to comprehensive, developmental healthcare.
AUD $50
AUD $100
will help connect a struggling country child with a developmental and mental health clinician, to give them every opportunity for a better tomorrow.
impact we have

Last year Royal Far West supported over 10,000 children, families and health professionals across the country. But these are more than just statistics, these are real children and families, and our services are helping bridge the gap between country kids and their metropolitan counterparts.

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Make a difference today!
Royal Far West

Since 1924, we’ve helped connect country kids to the healthcare they need and couldn’t otherwise access. Today there are over 180,000 children living in rural and remote areas of Australia in need of urgent developmental and mental health support.

Our integrated health, education and disability services are delivered through a combination of residential, remote (via technology) and in-community programs.